Guidelines on Choosing a Surrogacy Agency

Technology has made it possible for spouses who can't have their children to have a child through surrogacy. The process is however very sensitive due to its emotional aspects. It can involve the donation of sperms or eggs or a woman wishing to have a child having her baby develop in another woman’s womb. Here is a guide on choosing Surrogate Parenting Services.

The first thing you ought to consider is the recognition of the surrogacy facility. Before engaging a clinic in the surrogacy process, you ought to certify that they are licensed and registered as a surrogacy clinic by looking into their documentation. You can also go online and search if they are a registered fertility and surrogacy clinic and that they can offer the services they need. Gather enough information as certifying that their operations are genuine before engaging them in any way.

The second factor you need to check is the reproductive technologies they employ for the surrogacy procedures. Check if they have a lab of their own which is equipped with the latest equipment. Ensure that you align the surrogacy procedures you need to be done to those offered at the clinic you choose. If you are interested in IVF or ICSI, PGD or PGS or the donation of sperm or egg, ensure that the clinic offers these services before approaching them. See page for more info.

The third factor you ought to take into consideration is the experience and the expertise of the surrogacy technicians at the surrogacy agency. When choosing a surrogacy agency, ensure that you choose one whose fertility technicians, and their support staff is well-trained specialists in the procedure they offer and also have a good number of years practising. Information on this can be obtained from their profiles provided online. They ought to be professionals in both the practice and in supporting you during the whole surrogacy process.

The last factor you ought to consider when choosing a surrogacy agency is their reputation and their track record. Read through the reviews and see what other patients who have sought the service of the clinic you choose have to say about them. IF they show content in the services and how they have been handled with great support from the staff in the clinic consider choosing them. About their track record, look into their success rate of live births and the health of the children they produce from their fertility clinic. IF you are content with their services, choose the surrogacy clinic for a procedure you need.

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